Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Too busy?


I have a serious issue with people who claim they are too busy. Busyness is far too often applauded in our society. We confuse it with thinking that because someone is busy that they are doing something awesome. In modern day Western Australia, that is often not the case. Often people are too busy in an effort to ignore people, their own thoughts, responsibilities, emotions and other things. It is a good thing to be hard-working, but not to the point of burnout or ignoring other parts of life. It can be good to just get over it and get on with it, but not all of the time. Sometimes we need to stop and deal with why we are really doing everything we do. My pastor has often said that he takes a metaphorical step back and has to assess everything we do at church because sometimes not everything that happens is for the best. Good things are not always the best things to get you to your goal.

We need to stop using "I'm busy" as an excuse to ignore our friendships and relationships in life. Yes, things like our phone and social media helps us to stay in contact with some people, but that should not be our default way of keeping in contact with others. There is no real substitute for face-to-face contact with others because you cannot have deep relationships in 140 character tweets, 160 character text messages or a Facebook status update. I have had no choice but to resort to doing this since August 2014 because of my health and trust me, it does not work in maintaining a healthy level of relationships in life. It has left me feeling pretty emotionally crappy at times.

However, in the midst of this, I am finding that through my blogs and use of social media (Twitter) that God is using me. In 2010, my best friend passed away from the effects of CF. I made her a promise only a few weeks before she died. I promised to do all I could to assist those living with CF and to find a cure. I have found there is a huge population of people living with CF on Twitter and so God is using me to do my best to encourage them to keep going. You see, whatever predicament you may find yourself in, God can and will use you for positive change in this world. You just have to say yes and be available, not too busy.

My challenge to everyone who reads this is to re-assess everything that you do and make sure it is helping you to get to your main goals. If it is, then great, keep going at it and be awesome! If it is not helping but hindering, then stop doing it. Stop believing the lie that you're too busy for God and for those that you love because the truth is, if you care enough, you will find the time and make yourself available.

Giving up is not an option,