Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Better or Bitter

If you are older than 2 years old, you should know by now that life presents us with a lot of choices, daily. Some complex ones and some that we make without much thought at all. Do I have coffee in the morning? That is a natural thing for me. Do I have steak or chicken for dinner? That's a choice but not a choice that will effect me long-term. There are those everyday choices that alter the present, but then there are bigger choices that have the potential to effect the rest of our lives. Choices about our career, our life partner (or even if we choose to stay single), religion, where we live will effect the rest of our lives and the way we do things.

One of those choices is something I was talking to a friend about earlier today. It is the choice about whether to be better or bitter, particularly when you are struggling physically. When life metaphorically punches you in the face, how do you react internally? Do you face it with optimism or a bitter attitude?

I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis in my shoulders and the doctor thinks there are more issues going on with my left shoulder that probably require surgery. I must admit it has knocked me a bit because any surgery on my shoulder would mean losing a lot of my independence, long rehabilitation and deferring my studies again. I had a couple of days of whining to God about how I don't want to deal with this, that I don't have the energy and it's too hard. His response: I know. The simple truth is that he knows what we are fearing, even before we admit it. What's the point of fearing something that is not even here yet? It just robs sleep, peace, joy and love and in my case, ability to study properly as well.

Therefore I have now made the decision and whenever I face most medical issues, I try to take the positive, or better, perspective on it all, knowing that what is seen is temporary and what is unseen is eternal, as the bible says. God has it all in his hands, so hold his hand, look to him knowing that with his sufficient grace, we can overcome our current situation with a better attitude and not become bitter.

Be better,